Photography Red and Yellow Stained Glass

photograph of red and yellow stain glass man in agony

Photography of red and yellow stained glass. The stain glass portrays a distraught mans face.  As tears run down his face looking upward in fear. The hands are detailed and thrust in the forefront of the image cast in yellow glass. Generally associated with cathedrals or churches stained glass can now be seen in many forms.


  • I am an aspiring Photographer myself, I especially like the diversity of the subject matter & the high resolution images being shown in full. You should make an area here to sell some of your Photos as well, I would pay for one of your High Res Stock Photos just for getting all the rest here free already! Thankss

    • Thank you for the comment. I’ll be adding more photos every day, make sure to come back & check them out! I have thought about adding a donate or buy option, I’m just getting my website started. Have a great day!

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