Photography Macro Close Up Cattails by Lake

photography macro Close Up Cattails by Lake

Photography Macro Close Up Cattails by Lake. Macro photograph close up of the edible Cattail shows the stages of their life with uni-sexual flowers that develop in the dense racemes and ripen cotton fluff of seeds which will disperse in the wind. The Cattail has multiple uses, the edible starchy roots are comparable to rice, you can process a Cattail into flour, they have been used to construct rafts, Typha can be dipped in wax or fat and then lit as a candle, or just burn the typha and use it to repel insects, you can use seed hairs as tender to start a fire, they can be used as insulation in buildings as an organic alternative, they can make paper, be used like a cotton filling and can be made into ethanol. Free Hi Res Photo.